Explore the beautiful nature of Sithonia peninsula, the perl of Halkidiki

Diaporos Island

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Diaporos is an island right across Vourvourou. It has an area of 3.2 sq. km and a big, 700 m long natural bay. Around Diaporos there are many other smaller islets, scattered in the waters of Vourvourou Bay, such as Ambelitsi, Kalogria, Peristeri, Aghios Isidoros and Prassonisi.

Diaporos is a lush green island, covered with pine trees and surrounded by beautiful, sandy beaches. Myrsini beach, also called White Beach or Hawaii because of its white sand and saturated blue water is one of the best.

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Due to the geographical location, the coves are naturally protected from the wind and there are no waves. In the strait created between Diaporos and Aghios Isidoros islands, waters have the absolute turquoise color, due to the bottom’s white sand, creating a stunning Blue Lagoon. It is totally a must-see destination.

Ammouliani Island


Ammouliani is a small, majestic island in the Gulf of Mount Athos, nestled in between the Sithonia and the Athos peninsula. It has an area of around 4.5 sq. km and it’s the only inhabited island of Halkidiki with a population of around 550 people.

Although there are lots of beautiful beaches in Ammouliani, the most famous is Alykes. It is located on the island’s west coast and it is a sandy, crescent-shaped bay with very shallow waters around the coast, thus being suitable for small children.

You can also find beach bars and restaurants to enjoy the perfect sea view with great drinks and meal.

Sithonia Panorama


Sithonia is a peninsula of the Halkidiki Regional Unit. It is the so-called middle peninsula of the area’s three peninsulas. The name of the region refers from Sithon”, son of the god Poseidon.
The landscape of Sithonia is characterised by vast highlands, forests and virgin coastal areas with gravel and sandy beaches everywhere.


Sithonia is renowned for its unique mixture of sea and mountain, where the blue and the green in harmony dominate the landscapes all over. Here you can see pine trees that lay over the turquoise water and beach bars appear after every corner.

Sithonia is definitely a place to visit and specially during summer when it’s full of colours, aromas and romance.