Terms and Conditions

REV 04.2021

SAILAWAY E.E. or provider is a company offering daily cruises on a fully equipped sailing boat with a captain and a host. 
User is an individual or legal entity who visits provider and/or uses provider for renting an equipped boat with a captain and a host.
The user shall not be a person aged under eighteen. By signing these terms and conditions the User declares, under his/her sole responsibility, that he\she is over eighteen and that all personal information provided is true to his\her knowledge.

The provider obliges to provide the User with correct information about the boat, prices and availability. 
Once the User has paid the required deposit fee to the operator, the operator obliges to book the charter and reserve the date for the user. 
The provider obliges to provide the User, a fully equipped boat, with a captain and a host, on the date and time of reservation. The provider is also obliged to provide to the user all the services based on the reservation. 
The User obliges to provide the provider with all details and information that may be requested on the Website or by email.
The User is responsible for the payment, respecting the procedure, periods and quantities stipulated on the Website. The User obliges to abide by the rules of payment.
The User obliges to make use of the online booking system in compliance with any applicable law, regulations and according to the present Terms and Conditions and accepts all responsibilities that may result from incorrect use.
The User obliges to obey Sailing Terms and Use of the vessel which is part of these Terms and Conditions especially the paragraph Sailing terms and use of the Vessel which you are invited to read carefully.
The User obliges to send the Operator the complete crew list, with full names, nationalities, and ID or passport numbers of all crew members.

The User can make the payment by card, Paypal or bank transfer. The detailed price is stated in the booking form. The price is in euro and includes taxes and VAT. The price does not include extra services indicated in the booking form ("Extras”) which the User has to pay directly to the Operator before the embarkation. The price can change without prior notice to the User before the reservation.
The price includes accommodation on technically flawless and clean vessels with full fuel tanks, use of vessel equipment, vessel insurance, home marina berth, license for sailing and vessel concession permit. 
The User is obliged to bear its bank costs.
The User can use the vessels only after he has made the full payment. By making the payment, the User confirms that he is fully informed on all characteristics and terms under which the accommodation service on a certain vessel is provided. By making the payment, everything stated in these Terms and Conditions becomes legally binding for the User and the Provider.
A purchase confirmation will be sent to the User e-mail within 24 hours after the payment is made by the User. The user will receive the invoice on the boat, the day of the reservation.
If the reservation is cancelled more than 48 hours before the check-in date the following cancellation rules will be applied:
•    100% of the charter price is refundable 
If the reservation is cancelled less than 48 hours before the check-in date the following cancellation rules will be applied:
•    40 % of the charter price is non-refundable 
If the reservation has been cancelled due to bad weather, or by the provider, 100% of the charter price is refundable.
Booking Deposit
The user is obliged to pay 40% in advance in order for the booking to be confirmed. 

The Provider will provide the vessel fully commissioned, clean internally and externally, tidy, with all the gear and equipment in perfect condition and with full fuel and water tanks and expects the vessels to be returned in the same condition.
If the Provider does not deliver the vessel to the User at the agreed time and place, he can provide the User with an acceptable alternative. 

The User shall leave the vessel in the same condition as it was delivered; 
Upon return, the Operator and the User will check the condition of the vessel and its equipment in order to verify that the condition of the vessel complies with the check-in list. If any deficiency occurs during the inspection, the Operator’s representative and the User oblige to ascertain liability for each deficiency. The User is obliged to notify the Operator of any defects or damage. The User will pay for all recovery costs. 

The User has the right to complain upon check out if he is not satisfied with the service provided by the Operator.

The Provider obliges to respect the privacy and the safety of the User and not to forward and use personal data of the User for the purpose which does not enter in this Terms and Conditions. The Provider obliges not to publish personal data of the User without his consent or order of the competent national body.
The Provider is not responsible for possible problems which can arise due to usage of internet pages despite using high-level technology.
The User is solely responsible for any damage to his computer system or loss of data that results from the use of the site.
The Provider collects personal data of the User necessary for the purposes of selecting and renting a boat, including name, surname, address and e-mail address, phone number etc.
Provider obliges not to share User’s private data with third parties for marketing reasons.
By sending an express written request by e-mail info@sailawaycruises .gr the User may also obtain the correction of any incorrect or inaccurate personal data or obtain its cancellation to the extent permitted by law.
The Provider collects via computer systems and software procedures User's data used for the operation of the website in the course of their normal operation, as a result of the use of Internet communication protocols. This data is used only to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the website and to verify its proper operation. The data may be used to establish liability in case of potential computer crimes damaging the website.
The Provider collects data via cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in the User's web browser while the user is browsing it. Every time the User loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the User's previous activity. You can configure your browser in the manner that you will be warned when a cookie makes a record on your PC, or in the manner that the recording of cookies is disabled.

In case of dissents with the Agent and with the Operator the parties shall try to solve them amicably.
In case of disputes with the Agent, the parties agree on the jurisdiction of the competent court in Greece.
In case of disputes with the Operator, the parties agree on the jurisdiction of the competent court in the country of the Operator’s seat.